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A Message to Students, Schools and Supporters

"We can't do anything about 'these things' because we are only students"
(Year 8 student commenting in a homework diary about the issue of deforestation in Borneo and how it is threatening the future of the orangutans)

If you have ever had this feeling, then now is the chance to get involved.The success of this challenge is not about whether we walk the 3000kms on stilts, it is about how many people join with us to do something to help. After 1 year, we will be standing at the most southerly point of Japan. But will BOS Japan have enough money to buy enough land to save both the forest and the orangutans of Borneo? If every person who reads this blog or hears about this challenge feels inspired to do something to help, then we will be able to make a difference to Pongo, the orangutan's future - every one of us!

If you care about Pongo's future and you want to do something to help you can!
-Tell your teachers about the issue and ask them to start a fundraising box in your classroom.
- Create your own fundraising challenge by yourself or with your friends and get your family to sponsor you. You can download some fun and challenging ideas and fundraising forms for this challenge, from the information pack below!

About the Challenge - Click Here
How You Can Help - Click Here
Using the Sponsorship Form - Click Here
Download the Sponsorship Form - Click Here

It is amazing what only a few people can do. Already students from schools in Chiba, Japan have begun to spread the word about Pongo's situation at festivals and school events and have been getting some amazing responses!

Many of these activities can not be done without a teacher's or school's consent.
The information pack above also contains information for teachers about the issue, the challenge, and how people can help. Please download it for your classroom or for your own information and help support and encourage your students to be involved!

Lesson Plans
The issue of deforestation and its affects on the orangutans is one that can easily be adapted to fit your school's curriculum and similarly to meet many of the national educational standards for a variety of subjects. The following link to other sites provides lesson plans related to this issue and can be downloaded for use in your classes.

Education Pack - Click Here

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